Our aim is to create a Hub in Trafford which could be used as a one stop shop for the veterans and emergency service community. The vision is to have a place which is close to good transport links, so that people can easily drop in for advice, activities or just for some company, have a chat and a cup of tea and be with like-minded people.

We intend to open weekdays, including bank holidays, offer activities and be an accessible friendly place to call in.

We can hold outreach drop-ins and appointments from there and link with other organisations working in the community. The hub could be used for a wide range of activities including:

  • A learning centre for short learning courses, networking and presentations
  • A place to go for support and advice, and community outreach
  • Open a community shop and charity shop which provide volunteering opportunities
  • Hold activities for veterans and the local community such as craft groups and more
  • A comfortable place for meetings and appointments

Why Trafford?

Research data shows that there are approximately 10,000 veterans living throughout Trafford. However, that is only a rough estimate and, counting elderly family members and others who have not disclosed that they have served, there could be many more. The North West as a whole is one of the largest recruitment areas for all of the Armed Services. Trafford has no central veterans Hub at present. Our group has already made links with other voluntary and community organisations in the area and we are now all communicating and working together to achieve a place where veterans and their families can access support and camaraderie

These organisations include:

  • Trafford Royal Naval Association
  • Royal Air Force Association
  • Royal Signals Association
  • 207 Field Hospital Army Reserve Unit
  • 182, 318 and 145 Squadron Air Cadets
  • Altrincham and Sale Sea Cadet Units
  • Mercian (Sale), Royal Logistic Corps (Flixton), Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Stretford), Army Cadet Force Units
  • Combined Cadet Force – St Antony’s, Wellacre High Schools.

The Benefits

A hub would benefit local veterans, their families, and the local community. Individuals would be able to take part in activities which help towards building a stronger community and improving social inclusion. We will provide volunteering opportunities to our members and supporters which will increase employment prospects or tackle loneliness. Armed forces veterans would be able to access the support they need.

The benefits to the community include:

  • It will breathe life back into an empty building or space
  • We would have a tenancy, thus supporting the local business economy
  • Increase the footfall to the area, increasing the number of people visiting the vicinity.
  • The hub will provide some fantastic PR opportunities.
  • Any repairs required could be completed with a DIY SOS like project, we already have a great network of supporting businesses and a potential workforce of skilled veterans.
  • It will truly be a great news story and highlight local businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility.


How will we sustain the hub? The answer, with sheer hard work and determination which we have in spades. We can make this work! We intend to open a charitable shop and mail order business which would fund overheads. There are a number of options we can consider as regards to funding.

This list is not exhaustive:

  • Armed Forces Covenant Fund
  • Larger military charities
  • The National Lottery and Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT)
  • Local Authority Community Grants
  • Run a charitable business to sell merchandise and generate income
  • Gain business sponsors
together everyone achieves more